Special Topics

Asset Management

In close cooperation with banks, we manage your assets through trust accounts and securities portfolios. Upon request, we handle all your payment transactions, review incoming invoices, and manage your dunning process. We analyze your existing investments and insurance provisions and propose a tax-optimized investment mix.

Social Insurance

In collaboration with insurance experts, we advise you on your optimal statutory and private social insurance. We review existing insurance contracts and develop an optimal insurance concept tailored to your needs

Succession Planning Consultation

We assist you in arranging and implementing the succession of your company according to your vision, preferences, and needs. We provide comprehensive advice in legal, tax, and business aspects. From corporate consulting and structuring your family business, considering the respective tax implications, to private wealth succession, you are in the best hands with us.

Tax Audit

For many entrepreneurs, a tax audit is the ultimate nightmare. In the worst case scenario, the audit results in high tax payments and a financial penalty procedure. We have years of experience in handling tax audits, and we have always managed to reach an acceptable solution for our clients. Generally, the auditors are also interested in a reasonable resolution, as they do not want to engage in lengthy disputes with entrepreneurs before the Federal Finance Court for years.

Business Consulting

When facing investment decisions, we are the ideal partner for you. We calculate various options with you and can also assist with finding the optimal financing, if desired.

Trusteeship - when you wish to remain discreetly in the background for business purposes.

We offer confidential company formation services where we act as a trustee if you prefer not to appear as a shareholder publicly. Your shares will be managed confidentially by us on your behalf.


We are your partner for all financing questions and thoroughly analyze your finances. With our strong connections to banks and financing experts, we determine the optimal financing solution for your investment projects.


We can help you streamline the structure within your corporate group! Get an initial rough concept from us without any obligation!

Domizilservice - Your Business Presence in Austria

We offer you our Domizilservice if you want to have an official business address or a registered office in Austria without opening your own office.

Fiscal Representation

We have many years of experience in representing foreign entrepreneurs in Austria. We support you from the application for tax identification numbers to your periodic reporting to the relevant authorities. For entrepreneurs who require a business address, we are pleased to offer our domiciliation service.