Domizilservice - Your Business Presence in Austria

We offer you our Domizilservice if you want to have an official business address or a registered office in Austria without opening your own office and establish a business presence. We provide you with an official business address, including a company sign. We take care of handling and forwarding your calls and receiving your business mail, forwarding it to you, and, if desired, managing your monthly accounting. In case of official documents from authorities, we promptly take appropriate action if needed.

Moreover, we support you with government and banking matters as well as with the registration and payroll processing of employees working from a home office in Austria. If you require a business presence in Austria, our Domizilservice is the perfect solution for you. Additionally, we offer support for company formation and provide our founders' service. Our office is conveniently located just around half an hour from Vienna Airport if you wish to visit us.