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Heinz Kobleder

Adviser for Finance and Accounting

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If your taxes, bookkeeping and German make your daily business operations more difficult, entrust them to our office and forget about all such problems!


1) Tax

A good accountant must provide far more business and tax savings than additional costs to a client. This of course has been clear to us for years! Treat yourself and your business to an efficient and valuable fiscal and management consultation with us. See how we can pay off for you!

To do this, we provide the following services:

2) Financial statements and tax returns

Your financial statement is your company’s business card. It gets more public
attention than many people think! That’s why we provide top-level accounting
products for you.

These include:
3) Accounting

Accurate and meaningful accounting is absolutely indispensable for any
business decision that must be based on numbers.

We organize and run your accounting from set-up to the final balance. Together
we will plan the best approach to your accounting, whether revenue and expense
statements, double entry accounting, or flat rate.

At predetermined dates, you will get all reports (monthly statements, remittances
to tax authorities, regional health insurance, etc.) so you need not worry about
any such obligations.

At your request, we will do all your periodic payments and other regular bank

4) Payroll

We can advise you on all matters related to employment, such as employment contracts, social security issues, and the employment of foreigners. We can structure and streamline your payroll for you.

All filings with social security administrations (regional health insurance, employments services, etc.) are done by us.

5) Consulting

If you are facing investment decisions, we are the ideal partner for you. We can advise you on the various options, compute possible outcomes, and suggest the best financing.

For planned acquisitions we can help you compute the target company’s total net worth and earnings potential, and guide you through the entire acquisition process.

6) Start-up service

For entrepreneurs, we can handle the entire process of establishing a new business. We advise you on legal requirements and provide you with lawyers and notaries at a fixed price agreed to in advance.

7) Trusteeship

If you do not want to appear publicly as a shareholder in a company, we can manage their shares in trust for you. We can handle all your fiduciary matters.

8) Social issues

In consultation with insurance experts, we can advise you on the best public and private social security program for your company. We can review your existing insurance policies and develop an optimal insurance strategy.

9) Financing

We can advise you on investing and, through our close contacts with banks and financial experts, can find the optimal financing for your investment projects.

10) Asset management

In close cooperation with banks, we will manage your assets that are in trust or
investment accounts. Upon your request, we will manage your payments, check
your invoices and manage your reminders. We can advise you on the optimal
tax mix of your assets.

11) Reorganization

Create structural improvements in your group! If you consider your company’s
organization to be only a rough first draft, we can create for you:

Heinz Kobleder, Managing Partner

Heinz Kobleder is a tax consultant with energy. Born in Upper Austria at Engelhartszell on the Danube, Heinz studied computer science and control theory at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. After graduation, he worked as an auditing manager for many years with KPMG, one of the largest international accounting firms.

In 1991 Heinz passed the tax consultant examination and established a tax consulting firm in Mödling. In 2005 the firm was incorporated as the Heinz Kobleder SteuerberatungsgmbH.

Heinz has a daughter and a son and lives in Piesting, Lower Austria.

We are in Mödling (near Vienna), Enzersdorfer Straße 25
Contact persons: Aleksandra Pavlovic and Heinz Kobleder

You can contact us by phone: +43 (0) 2236 24832-0

as well as through e-mail: office@kobleder.com