Succession Planning Consultation

The succession planning for family-owned businesses is one of the biggest challenges they face. The key to success lies in early and serious planning for a successful transition of the business to the next generation. The task of maintaining the established corporate culture adds to the complexity, requiring careful consideration and competent succession planning.

In the coming years, thousands of businesses will be transferred. Apart from personal, inheritance, labor, rental, and liability issues, tax obstacles also cause concerns. The succession should remain affordable.

We support you in arranging and implementing the business succession according to your vision, preferences, and needs. We provide comprehensive advice in legal, tax, and business aspects. From corporate consulting and structuring your family business, considering the respective tax implications, to private wealth succession, you are in the best hands with us.

We focus on tailor-made solutions and concepts that take into account your individual preferences for the business succession.

Early consideration of wealth succession allows for the optimal utilization of tax planning opportunities and existing benefits. Especially when business assets are involved, it is crucial to start considering succession early. Failed succession arrangements are a common reason why businesses do not survive into the third generation. Timely action and a smooth transition are essential.

For family businesses, succession is of existential importance. To ensure the long-term continuity of the company, a succession plan is a prerequisite for success. Transferring the responsibility of leading a company in a dynamic environment to a successor without jeopardizing its economic success is a challenging entrepreneurial task. Business succession requires long-term planning, careful conception, and equally careful implementation.

Whether you aim for an internal family succession, the family plans to withdraw to a pure shareholder position with external management, or a complete or partial sale of the company is being considered, we support family businesses with our expertise.